When I started with Anthony I was going through a period of a lot of changes in my life and experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety. He helped me through that period and I learned how to navigate all those changes and cope with my anxiety. I now feel stronger and capable of handling difficult circumstances on my own.

Female, Thirties

I was quite a shell before starting therapy, but Anthony helped me to transform my life. I felt safe to open up and excavate my issues during therapy, and now I have the tools to continually step into my power and be me. I feel strong, happy, and free. 

 Male, Twenties

Receiving support from Anthony in the time of my crisis was a life saving experience. I had actually reached a deeper depth of despair, I had given up in many ways and had considered suicide several times before meeting him. His professional experience in therapy allowed me to figure out what is best for me and I started to have more trust, belief and love for myself. What I also appreciated was that I needed to meet with a Black professional who is non-judgemental, understood the importance of being queer, sexuality and religion.

                                              Male, Fifties

My experience in therapy was truly enlightening. Anthony helped me understand many of the thought processes that were causing me to feel anxious and depressed. Throughout our work together I was able to restructure these processes and see my reality through a more positive lens. 

Male, Thirties

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