Face to Face and Online Therapy

I provide short-term counselling and long-term psychotherapy in an effort to facilitate growth, enable change and foster healing of the entire person. Work with my clients varies in scope and time-frame from just a few sessions focusing on a specific concern or concerns, to 'deeper' and more far-reaching therapeutic work which can last a year or more.


Face to face Therapy: 
The first step is to get in contact. This can be done via telephone, email or the contact form on my website. Getting in contact gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about how I practice and clarify any concerns you might have in regards to pursuing therapy. The initial contact also gives the opportunity to arrange an initial session to assess your needs for therapy.

The second step is an initial session. This is a 50-minute session and is a chance for us to meet, speak about what has brought you for therapy and to decide if you want to continue working together. There is no obligation to return if you decide that the service is not for you.

If you decide to continue, then a weekly time will be arranged to fit with your availability. The number of sessions is flexible around your needs. 


Online Therapy: 
Online therapy allows you to receive therapeutic support from the comfort of your own home. This service is ideal for anyone who is not able to have therapy in person frequently, or who has a hectic lifestyle and needs a flexible approach to therapy.

Online therapy involves the same process as the more traditional form of therapy. The sessions will be held at an agreed time once per week at a convenient time for you. Also, the therapeutic approach will remain the same as well as the ethical and professional boundaries I must uphold as your therapist.